20 Spanish Lessons (25min)



Hi, this package includes lessons of 25min that you can also combine to have a 50min single class if you want!

I’m available to answer your questions, you can contact me through several ways here.

This package includes:

✔ 20 Spanish lessons of 25min* each (500min of learning experience)
✔ Personalized games and songs to learn Spanish having fun
✔ Exclusive cognitive learning methodology
✔ Individualized learning path
✔ Homework (optional)
✔ Lessons via Zoom (free of charge)

* You can also convert this package to 10 lessons of 50min (total 500min).

Booking Lessons
Once you make the payment you can schedule by yourself the 20 lessons of 25min here. If you want to convert this package to 10 lessons of 50min, you can book here instead. After booking your lessons you will receive by email the invitation for the meeting. If you want me to book for you just send an email to contact@spanishlele.com with the days of the week, the time, the starting date and your city (for the purpose of time zone).

If you have any questions you can send an email to contact@spanishlele.com 😊

Secure Payment
When paying via debit or credit card you can have peace of mind, we don’t store anything and your data is 100% secure and handled by Stripe, one of the biggest means of payment like PayPal. And yes, you can also pay via PayPal. If you are on your mobile you can pay through Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can learn more here.

Informação adicional

Total length (all lessons)

500 min