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Eu sou Lydia e sou de uma pequena cidade na Espanha perto dos moinhos de vento onde a extraordinária história de “Don Quixote de la Mancha” aconteceu. Estou aqui para ajudar você, seus filhos ou netos a aprender espanhol da melhor maneira: com jogos cognitivos divertidos, música e ukulele!

Sou professora de educação primária, educação infantil, música e inglês. Também sou música e cantora, toco ukulele, piano e flauta transversal.



  • The private Spanish classes are personalized for each student by a native Spanish speaker who is graduated and certified in education.  🥇
  • The unique methodology developed by Lydia creates a unique learning experience that uses powerful, fun cognitive games with music where speaking and vocabulary skills are significantly improved. 🚀
  • The lessons are recommended for children from 5 to 15 years old, but adults are also welcomed to have fun Spanish lessons with ukulele. 🎉


We are a half American, half Spanish family and my kids have been exposed to English and Spanish but never really spoke Spanish and are more English dominant. Lydia worked with my 6 year old son on his Spanish conversation and reading and she was amazing. My son loved his class with her and we saw his language abilities get much better. She found ways to engage him even with a computer between them and she was always very responsive to our needs.
We highly recommend Lydia. 
Thank you
Ariana Miguelez, 2021

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