I’m Lydia from a small town in Spain near to the wind mills where the extraordinary story of “Don Quixote de la Mancha” took place. I’m here to help you, your children or grandchildren to learn Spanish in the best way: with music and ukulele! 

I am a teacher of primary education, early childhood education, music and English. I’m also musician and singer, I play ukulele, piano and transverse flute.

For kids I like to use my ukulele to help them to learn new words, new Spanish songs and have fun during the lessons.

Last day of classes at the Madrid school before Christmas – visit of the Three Wise Men (December 2016)

I have many years of experience, I have been working since 2010 in education and teaching.

I worked as an educator in a kindergarten in Ireland, where I lived for around three years. I also lived in the beautiful city of Montreal, in Canada where taught private Spanish classes and now I’m living back in my country, Spain. Here I worked as teacher in some primary education and early childhood schools where I also taught English and music lessons to the students, and since 2019 I’m teaching online for students around the World and that is very rewarding.

I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and a little bit of French. Actually I like learn languages, I have attended several language exchanges to learn and help other people, in some occasions I have helped them to take a Spanish test.

For me, teaching a language is like making a puzzle, you have to unite all the pieces with joy.